This can definitely wait – Part 3


I’m XXXXXXX, a freelance writer/designer from India. I just came across your website and I’m very impressed by it. The contents are very Catchy and worth reading . Great work!

I generally write on various topics like SEO, Web Design, health, wellness, fashion, Photography, English Courses, yoga, Travel, Women, Cooking tips and related subject matter which includes generic topics too. have a couple websites about English courses and SEO Web Design, that I’m currently promoting for myself. I thought we could benefit each other somehow?

If you are interested, I’d be happy to write a very high-quality article for your site and get a couple permanent links from it? While your website is benefiting from my high-quality article, I’m getting links from your site, making this proposition mutually beneficial.

What do you think about this, please? Shall I write an article and send it across for your review or do you need me write on other topics I’ve mentioned above, I’m open to any topic, thoughts please?

Waiting for your response, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions.



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