“I am stone headed but very soft heated.”

(Thank you to Sherry Gray for sharing this email with me.)

Hello dear,

I’m perfectly well. How are you? And how was your day? I hope that you are doing great and having a wonderful day and in good condition of health! And wish you find joy in everything you do which is the vital aspect of life. Well I don’t mind religion as long as I can get real friendship and ideal love from you then I am OK and satisfied. You may want to tell me some more about your religion. Well I like to know more about where you are? where are you now? I mean you’re origin country. If you don’t mind, I am really busy this period with my job load in the office. I really prefer write an email then chatting because am busy life time person

You really look nice, just what I’m looking for! How about we get to know each other a bit better and see what will happen. I saw your profile and you look nice. Are you single? OK

To start about myself, I am xxx xxx, I was born in xxx xxx, 1970, 45 yr. living and working in England . My father is late and Mum is in UK , born as British with USA background. I am working as a Petroleum Engineer here in London . I have work for years. Being a single person, working so much without having much time for myself most of my time spent in offshore and I just enjoy it though it’s very tiring. I love to chill out with my friends during weekends, go to mall, watching football and once a month I will going to my Mum’s house in xxxxxxxx to visit.

I am a Man who is hilariously funny, understanding, energetic, spontaneous and stone headed but very soft heated. I also a man with very strong principle and always try to take my religion along with me, wherever I go, whenever it is and with whoever I am. I respect different religion exist in this world because they hold similar teachings which brings peace to everyone and makes you a better man. It sounds a little boring…well that’s how I am when it comes into serious matter. I will tell you more about me as soon as you tell me a bit about you.

I am a man with so much understanding and I love who also appreciates understanding, honesty, love, care, and truth and serious minded. Have you been in United Kingdom?

Finally, I will wait to read for your response. And i hope to read from you soon What would you like to know about me feel free to ask. OK Have a pleasant day ahead of you over there.

xxxx xxxxxx


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