Trolling at its best

I’m getting tired of all the violence spread around social media. People kill themselves because some like the person below take a malicious pleasure in debasing them.


The last part of my answer is missing. So here it is below: 

May I remind you that a bitch is also a female dog? Dogs are nice animals. What do you have against them? Did one bite your head when you were a kid and you cannot get any closure?

“If u want to dance with the Devil bring good shoes……..” – And if you want to communicate with people online, bring a good dictionary and grammar book. And common sense arguments. And punctuation.

“Non vede mecum!!!!!” – It’s “vade” not “vede”. But I like the sentiment.

Have a great weekend. And don’t forget to chill. You obviously need it.

Then, the conversation continues:


This person is obviously very unhappy. Otherwise, they would not feel the need to spew so many hateful words.

However, wishing death on someone? Seriously? After the recent events in the U.S., France, and elsewhere, this is beyond unacceptable.


I’m not angry. That verbal violence just saddens me, especially the derogatory terms used against the LGBT community.

But I guess that’s the way ignorant folks roll.


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