About Bad. Pitches. Period.

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My name is Cendrine Marrouat and I’m a content creator & curator, social media trainer, French instructor, author, and photographer.

Like every blogger on the planet, I receive guest posting pitches.

Honestly, most of them are awful. And not because the senders don’t know what they are doing.

In 70 or 80% of cases, they are spammers whose job is to send mass, pre-formatted emails. They don’t even look at your website.

Two years ago, after a long series of those emails landed in my inbox, I decided to create this blog. I wanted to expose scams, terrible pitches, and awful spamming practices.

Bad. Pitches. Period. wasn’t set up to mock people. As a social media professional, my role is to help businesses and solo-preneurs to approach customers better.

Being behind a computer screen doesn’t give us the right to treat human beings like numbers on a to-do-list.

We need to do better. Hopefully, this blog will help…

Thank you again for your visit!